Linkare Tecnologias de informação (LINKARE)

Linkare’s mission is to innovate and excel in the creation of products and services, adopting emerging Java technologies and solutions, that are adjusted to our clients’ needs, contribute to their digital transformation and competitiveness.

Linkare holds a wide experience in educational projects on the areas of STEM, namely educational web portals, it has developed the REC Lab software in partnership with IST. This software supports the e-lab remote laboratories framework and is also intended to support this project while evolving and delivering a high quality and low cost solution for remote laboratories.

The REC Lab software is an important example of innovation capabilities of this SME, presenting a unique state-of-the-art architecture and enabling e-lab to lead national projects on remote experimentation. For this reason Linkare is committed in bringing this project to a successful outcome. Linkare’s core activity also includes the development of portals.

Team Members

Name of Staff Member  Role  Contact Information 
Rui Nieto Project Partner Coordinator

Linkare will be coordinating and, whenever necessary, implementing the development of the Web Portal as well as further developments over e-lab remote laboratories framework and supporting software of REC Lab.

In this scope Linkare will also be delivering specialized technical reports on solutions developed in the field of remote laboratories, seeking to contribute to the development of the state-of-the art in this area with high potential for education.

For the development of the Web Portal Linkare’s team may also contribute with portal design, technical, functional and graphical requirements; portal implementation and go-live; training on portal use for other project partners; evolutive maintenance and support throughout the project.

Due to its technical know-how on these areas Linkare will also be coordinating the use and implementation of existing standards and interoperability issues on the project – learning object standards (LOM, SCORM), MOOC platforms, learning management systems, data analysis tools, etc. Linkare will also be the Coordinator of WP1: Preparation: To improve the comprehensive knowledge about the pendulum and it’s local, regional, national and transnational differences.

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