Universidad Nacional Abierta Y a Distancia Colombia (UNAD)

The Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD) is a national state-owned institution attached to the Ministry of National Education, based on open and distance learning methodology with a modern technological infrastructure that promotes quality access to educational services for local and regional populations.

UNAD holds Technician, Technologist, and Professional academic programs, as well as literacy programs from Elementary to High School, based on open and distance learning methodology. The university training programs have practical components that are developed through physical, remote and simulated laboratories scattered across the nation’s territories.

Remote Environments are those that enable the remote management of UNAD onsite laboratories using internet, cameras, and specific equipment for data handling.

Team member

Name of Staff Member  Role  Contact Information 
Manuel J. Escobar Project Partner Director (+Professor) manuel.escobar@unad.edu.co 
Karla Nathalia Triana Project Team – Administrative Operator karla.triana@unad.edu.co 
Diana Carolina Herrera Project Team – Professor  diana.herrera@unad.edu.co 
Claudio Camilo González Project Team – Supervisor claudio.gonzalez@unad.edu.co 
Jaime Hernán Montenegro Project Team – Academic Operator jaime.montenegro@unad.edu.co 

UNAD will held one of the primmary pendulums, helping on building the world pendulum network by performing these tasks:

  • Setting up the Network
  • Distributing and assembly of Pendulum apparatus on project partners
  • Network testing
  • Pilot activities in partner schools.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of results.
  • Identify and implement improvements on the system.

Then UNAD will be one of the partners who will be making some Dissemination Activities expanding the global network by promoting the assembly of additional WP apparatus on schools, Educational centers, Museums, science centers, and more.

For further information about us please visit our website or contact us at: