Ecole Centrale De Marseille (EC MARSEILLE)

Centrale Marseille, a member of the Ecoles Centrales Group, develops close ties with many large companies, several leading research laboratories, competitiveness clusters, and has established numerous international partnerships. Each year ECM receives invited professors and organizes international seminars and conferences linked with its pedagogical, research and technologies transfers/research valorization activities.

Team Members

Name of Staff Member  Role  Contact Information 
Emmy Arts Project Partner Coordinator
Frédéric Schwander Project Partner – Professor  
Christian Jalain Project Team – Professor

Centrale Marseille will be part of the consortium with two different kinds of professionals:

International Affairs: the international policy of the institution implies tens persons (administrative/professor/ researcher) in charge of different activities: international strategy, partenrships, publicity/communication, selection process of students, management of the mobility and follow-up of the students).

Teaching, technical  and research staff : a team composed by a multidisciplinary set of professors. The project  fits perfectly in the spirit of our educational program which is multidisciplanry with a lot of team work.

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