Czech Technical University (CTU)

The Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague is one of the biggest and oldest technical universities in Europe. CTU is also part of the FUSENET (Fusion Education Network). Teaching goes hand in hand with scientific and research activities. Science is done in close co-operation with teachers and students of the specializations: Mathematical Physics, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion, Physical Technology

Team Members

Name of Staff Member  Role  Contact Information 
Vojtěch Svoboda Project Partner Coordinator
Alena Kralova Project Team – Project Manager
František Lustig Project Team – Professor

CTU will have an important part in the WP@ELAB Project, being one of the European World pendulum holders, installing the pendulum and operating it from the Prague latitude. This will allow the data base to have an extra latitude covered, making the available data more complete and enabling more comprehensive experiments and a more integrated learning and knowledge from the South American Professors and students. The data gathered from the CTU pendulum, will the part of the overall available data and information. Aside from this, the theoretical and technical experience CTU has, supported by its strong Physics Department will be an added value in the trainings and South America Pendulum installation. 

The TOKAMAK GOLEM experience, runned by CTU, is a small tokamak reconstructed in a unique way, which now serves as a center of education in the field of physics, technology and control of experimental equipment for the control of thermonuclear fusion in terrestrial conditions, is a valuable experience that can contribute to the South American HEIs capacitation within the WP@ELAB.

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