SDC Uniandes

Science Dissemination Center Universidad de los Andes

The primary pendulum of Uniandes its located at the B building at room 301. This building is part of the Physics Department, and the pendulum is located in one of the teching laboratories, that serve students from all the university in majors of (engineering and science programs). In this way we assure the pendulum will be visible to all the community inside the campus. Also, the pendulum will be visited by high schools during summer breaks or special activities.

The SDC during the period of the Wordl Pendulum Alliance, will seek to promote the use of new technologies for improving student learning, specially the ones related to remote expermients using the WPA as framework.

During the teachers training activity held by IST, Uniandes and UNAD in Bogotá Colombia, was installed the Primary Pendulum and conected to the World Pendulum Network known as e-lab.

The exact cordinate location of the Primary Pendulum of Uniandes is 4.601453,-74.065701.

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