Science Dissemination Center of Universidad Abierta A Distancia (UNAD) ReEx

ReEx SDC: Remote Experimentation is a center that actually works over th World Pendulum Alliance project but it was created by UNAD to cover other scientific topics over the network inside and outside of the institution.

UNRELA program (UNAD REmote LAbs) is an initiative generated from the interior of ReEx, inspirated by the World Pendulum Alliance project. UNRELA aims to produce a series of strategic actions for the development of a Remote Experiments Network inside UNAD, for Colombia, Latin America and the World. The process is set to begin in june 2020 and includes an Educational SolarLab.

ReEx promotes a space of education and scientific research in experiments and remote laboratories. This SDC implements the World Pendulum Alliance project with students and teachers.

The primary pendulum of UNAD is installed inside the national university headquarters and there aro going to be distributed around Colombia another 10 pendulums called secondary pendulums.

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