Science Dissemination Center Universidad Tecnologica de Panamá (UTP)

The UTP is part of the seven Latin American Universities to inaugurate a Science Dissemination Center, involved in the World Pendulum Alliance project that is part of the Erasmus + project carried out by the Superior Technical Institute of the University of Lisbon in Portugal which aims to encourage the study of pyshical applied sciences.

With this Dissemination Center, experiments can be carried out and be available by remote on-line acces. This experiments will be available to the student community at a secondary or university level, which promotes problem solving, experimentation and data analysis by taking advantage of the availability of technological tools.

The Lisbon Technician has developed his E-LAB, in which they connect the pendulums of each of the participating Universities, with components that allow students to remotely experience and check events and behaviors of physics, including mass, time and space.

Primary Pendulum Location:

The primary pendulum is located in the lobby of the 4th floor of the Bullding 3, where it will be visible from the outside.

For further information about the SDC of the UTP please visit the link and video below:

UTP inaugura Centro de Diseminación de Ciencias de Laboratorio de Péndulos