Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM)

USM was founded in 1920 accomplishing Federico Santa Maria’s dream of having a world class engineering University. The history of the University has been marked by a solid education in Engineering, Science and Technology, and by the promotion of an integral spirit through the development of culture, physical ans sports activities, solidarity activities and entrepreneurial skills.

Today its mission is to become world-recognised in the field of engineering, science and technology, while retaining its founder’s commitment to access to all students.

Team Members

Name of Staff Mmember Role  Contact Information
Karol Trautmann Project Partner Coordinator karol.trautmann@usm.cl
Claudio Dib Project Manager and Professor claudio.dib@usm.cl
Alfredo Navarro  Professor alfredo.navarro@usm.cl
Vivian Gatica  Administrative support vivian.gatica@usm.cl

USM will support the Project in different ways, at the technical level one pendulum will be settled at the University, and the gathered data will feed the common plaform and provide data to all users from a new latitude. With the close support of the physics department teachers that will be trained will develop interactions with it’s students, on a first phase, teaching them to use the data from the Pendulum data and on the second phase, teaching the students to assemble smaller penduluns, that they can use by themselves.

At the management level, USM will be responsible for the Quality Plan Work package, monitoring the project development and outputs quality closely.

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