Universidad Católica Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA)

In 1976, the USMA began to operate on its current Campus, on Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue, and since then it has experienced a remarkable physical and academic growth.
In 2012, through Resolution No. 5 of August 1, the National Council for University Evaluation and Accreditation of Panama (CONEAUPA), declared accredited to the USMA, under the demanding norms that govern the educational field today.
In tune with the times, but always faithful to the principles that motivated its founders, the USMA develops its mission through six faculties: Business, Architecture and design, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, Law and political science, Humanities and Theology.

Likewise, it offers a wide range of opportunities for academic growth, through graduates, postgraduates, masters and doctorates, which are taught under the responsibility of the Vice-Rectory for Research and Postgraduate Studies since 1999, in conjunction with other training and training spaces, as well as different university exchange programs.

Team Members

Name of Staff Mmember Role  Contact Information
Priscilla Lee Project Administrator plee@usma.ac.pa
Yeny Erazo Project Technical Coordinator yerazo@usma.ac.pa
Orlando Allard Project Manager oallard@usma.ac.pa
Raul Camargo Project Team – Professor rcamargom@usma.com.pa
Justiniano Montenegro Project Manager  jmontenegro@usma.ac.pa
Samuel Vásquez González Project Manager – Administrative svasquezg@usma.com.pa

USMA has strong e-learning teaching and learning tools, since one of the aims of the Project is to create a platform from which teachers and students can learn, share and collect data and information, USMA expersite with USMA Virtual will be an added value. In the transition from the knowledge era to the intelligence age, the challenges to maintain the academic and professional updating are even greater, due to the speed of the technological changes and the different ways of integrating and interpreting the information to make timely decisions and effective.

At USMA Virtual, we provide professionals, undergraduate and graduate students with elements of collaborative learning, multidisciplinary work, self-assessment, co-evaluation, from any electronic device. This, in order to facilitate the updating of the issues that concern them and help them in their decision-making process, seeking efficiency, excellence in serving their customers, employees and suppliers.

The intention of these flexible environments is always to improve the quality of life of the people who interact in these processes to create wealth that, well managed, makes societies more prosperous and fairer.

Our Campus of Opportunities is internationalized towards all those who, in any place and time, wish to excel with USMA quality through the use of e-learning tools.

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