Fundacao Universidade De Brasilia (UnB)

Established on April 21, 1962, the Fundação/University of Brasilia (UnB) is the utopia of Brazilian anthropologist and educator Darcy Ribeiro. UnB have been elected the fourth best university in Brazil and eleventh best in Latin America, UnB is tops in the evaluation criteria set by the Coordinating Body for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Students (CAPES) in areas such as Anthropology, International Relations, Geotechnics, Geology, Biological Sciences, and Mathematics.

Team Members

Name of Staff Member  Role  Contact Information 
Alice Melo Ribeiro Project Partner – Coordinator
Ivan Soares Ferreira Project Team – Professor;
Luane Tomé de Paula Campos Project Team – Project Manager
Júnio Márcio Rosa Cruz Project Team – Professor
Ícaro Lorran Lopes Costa Project Team – Technician

UnB will host one of the pendulum, being a crucial element for the all network data collection. UnB will also activly participate in the trainings and dissemination activities of the project.

With the close support of the physics department teaching body, that will recieve the training, UnB will primarely develop interactions with it’s own students – teaching them on how to use, work and learn with the Pendulum data and secondly with the network of secondary schools, UnB teachers will offer training to a broader xpectrum of teachers, enlarging the impact of the Project – since they have a deepen knowledge of the Education sector, derived from the bachelor and master degree provided by them.

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