Methodology and workpackages

The project is developing the following activities:

WP1- Preparation.To improve the comprehensive knowledge about the pendulum and it’s local, regional, national and transnational differences, through EU partners exposition about pendulum knowledge and respective benchmark reports,Development of E-Lab users guide of reference to support all the institutions and users that wants to use the WPA in the near future, the implementation of the pendulums in the Experimental apparatus and the support of technological solutions and web portal

WP2-Science Dissemination Centers. The development will be constituted with 3 different stages: the set-up, the using and the spread of the network (WPs 2 up to 4). In the 1st Stage (WP2) will be considered the distributing and Assembly of Pendulum apparatus and the trials or pilot activities, aim to test the network. The creation of Multilanguage MOOCs will be also determinant to create some related materials to emphasize the goals of the project. Yet in the 1s stage, will be prosecuted the Identification and implement of improvements, to be corrected in the 2nd stage. 

WP3-Using the Network. The 2nd Stage – Capacity Building on using the network, allow the partners to launch the Remote & face-to-face sessions, to test the MOOCs and to be a more comprehensive analysis of the improvements applied after the gathering process of the 1st stage.

WP4-Growing the Network.  The development of 3rd Stage allow the project to extend the comprehension and the use of the network to other target populations, namely, through some contexts in secondary schools (e.g. the toolkits allow the students to build pendulums in a real context). The MOOCs will be extend to all the world community within the south American experience. The conditions for the sustainability of the project will be launched through meetings with relevant public and non public stakeholders in south American countries such as relevant science bodies or government bodies and to the launch of a crowd funding scheme. The e-repository will be crucial to solidification of the materials build up in the consortium and to create conditions to have more outside materials and contribute to the open access, open data and open science, in line within the polices of the European commission.   

WP5- Quality Control. The activities of quality control will be determinant to guarantee the quality of the project, through internal and external evaluations and peer-review processes

WP6-Dissemination. In the dissemination we’ll have the set of decisive initiatives to promote the science without borders, through the educational contents distributed in every places, the organization of 2 international conferences, the production of toolkits to be used to spread the science across the secondary schools, the local workshops to raise the involved institutions in south America countries, the training actions essential to capacitate the teachers and trainees for the future dissemination of pendulums and experiments and the update o the webportal and technological platform. In this WP, will happen the 4 training sessions (in Santiago do Chile, Rio Janeiro, Ciudad de Panama and Bogotá), one in each South American country and the 4 transnational meetings open to all the educational institutions in each country (Concepcion, Ilhéus- Bahia, Ciudad de Panama and Bogotá).

WP7-Management. We will have 8 project meetings in Lisboa, Funchal, Barcelona, Santiago Chile, Rio Janeiro, Marseille, Ponta Delgada and Brasilia, covering also the financial aspects of the consortium.